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Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge is designed to accommodate up to 16 people, as individuals, couples, or groups.  A fully renovated historic log cabin includes two private bunk rooms, Hayden (2ppl) and Richmond (3ppl),  and a Loft with bunk space for four.  In the Main Lodge, there is a partitioned bunk room ; the Imogene and Camp Bird each have a single bunk, and the Hidden Treasure has a double bunk.

Cabin – Hayden Suite

$ 150

Sleeps Two

  • Twin bunk bed

Cabin – Richmond Suite

$ 150

Sleeps Three

  • Double bunk base with twin bunk over head

Cabin – Loft

$ 150

Sleeps Four

  • Two twin bunk beds

Main Lodge

$ 150

Shared/Partiton Space for up to Eight

  • Two twin bunk beds
  • One full bunk bed (sleeps four)

How to Get Here

Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge is located at Lat 37.9568, Long -107.7205.

Directions from Ouray, Colorado:

Leave the south end of town on Hwy. 550. Directly after the big horseshoe bend (about ¼ mile), take a right on CR 361 (Camp Bird Rd.). Follow this for 4.7 miles, then take the broad left fork that goes toward Camp Bird Mine. In another 0.3 miles you’ll reach a bridge. Park just before here if hiking and follow summer instructions below or switch to 4 low if jeeping. There is not a sign for the mine. PLEASE NOTE!  For winter guests there are special parking instructions and it is necessary for you to confirm details with MHBL.

WINTER , Drive 3.5 miles up CR361 and park facing angled down hill on the left just before the gate. Post official MHBL parking notice inside drivers side window.(observe winter closure signage) Continue hiking or skining the road for 1 ml. to a broad fork on the left. Take this left for .3 ml. then cross a bridge. Follow the road across the bridge between the historic “mansions” for approximately 45 minutes or 1.5 miles to reach the point where the road crosses the creek. Cross the creek and continue to follow the road for .4 miles to a wooden bridge on your right. Do not cross it, instead take an immediate sharp left at the sign for Richmond Trail. Follow the road up for .4 mile to a small wooden sign that reads Richmond Trail ½ mile with an arrow to the right. Instead go left for 200yds. to reach MHBL!

SUMMER, Arrive at the bridge described above at Camp Bird. Then follow the Imogene Pass jeep trail 1.8 miles from the bridge at Camp Bird in your off-road ready, high clearance 4WD vehicle, (not SUV or AWD) crossing the river once, until you see a sign to go left up Richmond Basin, just beyond a wooden bridge (not to be crossed). It’s a sharp left, usually a three point turn. Follow the road up for .4 mile to a small wooden sign that reads Richmond Trail ½ mile with an arrow to the right. Instead follow the road to the left! This will lead you in 200 yards to Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge! Park after crossing the small creek on your left.

Whether hiking,driving or skiing, please let us know your expected arrival time and what you are driving so that we can watch for you. Text or call Eric at 303‑656‑1550 with any issues. Depending on your cell provider, you may get some coverage from the trail.

Contact us

USGS Topographical Map

Map provided by CalTopo. View approach route map here.

Come prepared

but don’t overpack.

4WD Vehicle

You will require an off-road ready, high clearance 4WD vehicle if you’re driving up during the summer.


Laundry is limited up here so we ask that you BYOBedding. Pillow case and a sheet or sleeping bag or liner.

Lunch & Snacks

We provide breakfast, dinner!

Dress in Layers

Pack light to not weigh down your pack, but all year you should be prepared for a range of temperatures and weather scenarios.


Safer to keep your hands free outside at night…


Whether a knit cap or a ball cap, keep your head warm and safe from the sun and elements.

Rain gear

The weather can turn on a dime up here. A light rain jacket or poncho can do the trick.

Activity gear

Plan to bring anything you specifically need for hiking, skiing, or climbing.


A strong SPF is advisable all year round. We get a lot of sun exposure.

Bug spray

Especially in the short summer season.

Reusable water bottle

Not only should you stay hydrated up here at elevation, but you can help reduce waste and trash.

Good Shoes

Sturdy, water-resistant boots with good socks are your best bet.


You should bring any soaps, medications, dental care, or other personal hygiene items you want to use. Not stocking these helps us reduce excess waste.


We try to keep laundry to a minimum. If you plan to shower, we encourage you to bring a towel.

Phone Charger

Don’t count on us having the one you need for your exact phone.


Makes it easier to pay for incidentals like showers and cool Mt. Hayden gear and swag!

What not to bring


BYOB is acceptable until further notice. The liquor license is pending

Mean, aggressive dogs. Friendly dogs are welcome

My cat and dog are full-time residents and very easy to get along with. Your dog is welcome, but needs to be cool.


Except for the express purpose of licensed hunting, weapons are not permitted on the property.

Bad Attitudes

You’ll have an exceptional experience here if you accept that the terrain, weather, and lifestyle can be rough at times. We have gratitude for this place and hope you’ll share that with us.

Guest Policies

Liability Release

A liability release must be signed for winter reservations only!


Check-in is 12:00pm or later on the date of your scheduled arrival.


Check-out is 11:00am on the date of your scheduled departure.

No Smoking

Smoking of any kind is not allowed inside the cabin. You can smoke cigarettes and other legal substances outside.

Weather Resources

The weather up here at 11,000 feet can be fairly unpredictable. We’re susceptible to the extremes of all seasons and unexpected shifts in nature’s plan. In general, the winter season begins in October, with roads generally closed after the first snow, through May or even possibly late June. During this hike/ski-in only season, we get up to 450 inches of snow each winter. Avalanches are a threat and below-zero temperatures are normal. The short but splendid summer is sunny, warm but cool, with some rain and thunderstorms. Once the road re-opens it is driveable with a capable 4wd vehicle to the lodge until early October.

Current Weather for Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge

For multi-day forecasts click the “more at dark sky” link to the right.

Current Avalanche Conditions in North San Juan Region

This information is provided by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) via their Twitter feed, ‎@CAICnthsanjuan.

Local Resources We Recommend

Colorado West Jeeps
701 Main Street
Ouray, CO 81427
(970) 325-4014

Skyward Mountaineering
(970) 325-3305

San Juan Mountain Guides
710 Main Street
Ouray, CO 81427

(800) 642-5389